World News

Honduras Congress stalls reforms after violent protests

The Honduran Congress announced on Tuesday it will suspend ratification of new health and education reforms that critics say would lead to privatization and job losses, after mass protests against the policies left three people wounded and several buildings aflame.


Cyclone Fani Updates:200 kmph की रफ्तार के साथ ‘अत्यंत गंभीर’ हुआ चक्रवात फानी, ओड़िशा में हाई अलर्ट

Cyclone Fani News: मौसम विभाग ने भी चक्रवात फानी (Cyclone Fani) को लेकर चेतावनी जारी की है. मौसम…

Australian news

Luke Jackson, Jeremy Sharp and Liam Henry among the first-round draft prospects in WA’s AFL National Under-18 Championship squad

A former Australian under-age basketballer and a Fremantle Next Generation Academy member highlight WA’s squad for the AFL National Under-18s Championship which gets underway next month.